Via the "Purchase" link you can confirm which product(s) and quantity yoy wish to purchase.

Purchase from one of our dealers
Please specify your address and contact information and indicate the name of the dealer of your choice. You will receive a confirmation of your order of which copy will be send to the by you selected dealer. The dealer selected will contact you to confirm your order, confirm the method of supply, the delivery date, and to confirm the to be paid invoice amount and method of settlement. All our dealers can install the products in your vehicle(s) and put them into operation. This service is at charge
base in accordance with a tailer-made quotation based on your situation. Please indicate in Your purchase confirmation if you would like to make use of such services.

Purschase via the internet
Internet purchase via this “Purchase” link, with parcel delivery via TNT Post, is also possible. If this has your preference , then please indicate this in Your Purchase order.

Delivery cost in the Netherlands is 8,00 € per shipment within a maximum of 10 kg per delivery.

Delivery cost to Belgium is 16,00 € per delivery of maximum 5kg en 26,00 € for delivery of 5 kg to 10 kg.

Delivery costs to other locations will be specified upon request.

Internet purchases and deliveries are arranged on the basis of
(1) Advanced payment by bank transfer to our KBC Bank account with a 2% advanced payment discount.

(2) Cash on delivery (C.O.D.) , with TNT COD collection costs at charge.

Please indicate in Your Purchase order confirmation which kind of payment method You wish to apply. Following receipt of your order you will receive an email confirmation with confirmation of the delivery time , a copy of the invoice of product costs including the relevant delivery charges and payment method discount or surcharge. Payment for delivery within the Netherlands are to be made on our
account at the KBC Bank
KBC Bank Netherlands NV, Rotterdam
A/C nr.: IBAN: NL67KRED0633090514 BIC: KREDNL2X
Payment for delivery within Belgium – Luxemburg , are to be made on our account at the KBC Bank NV , Melsele,
A/C nr.: 737-0249362-18 IBAN: BE50 7370 2493 6218 BIC: KREDBEBB
Please clearly indicate Your name, address, purchase number, our invoice number and R&C Business International B.V. as beneficiary on your payment instructions and on all your correspondence.

Deliveries are made after the payment transaction and receipt of invoice amount has been confirmed.

If on stock, the goods are dispatched within 48 hours from receipt of the payment.



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